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Repair your teeth and help prevent further decay with the help of a simple tooth filling. Our experienced dental team will assess your tooth, remove any harmful decay, clean the area, and apply the filling to return your tooth to its natural shape and function.

2909 North Orange Avenue, Suite 202 Orlando, FL 32804

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Fillings are used to cap off your teeth that may have been damaged from decay or grinding down. This grants cosmetics advantages as well as mitigating the chance for further decay and other oral health issues.

Different Kinds of Dental Fillings

  • Silver Amalgam – Silver and metallic, these are the traditional method of fillings. They’re strong so they are typically used in the back of the mouth where most of the chewing occurs.
  • Composite Resins – This newer style of filling mimics the look of natural teeth, so they’re more common in the front of the mouth where appearance is more important. They can also be used in the back of the mouth.

Direct and Indirect Fillings

  • Direct Fillings – These can be administered in one visit and are by far the most common type of filling.
  • Indirect Fillings – These typically require two or more visits and include inlays, onlays, and veneers. They’re used for teeth that aren’t strong enough to support a direct filling.

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Dr. Desai has been creating beautiful smiles in College Park for over 20 years with a friendly, knowledgable team by her side.

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