Full-Mouth Reconstruction

Full-mouth reconstruction is a viable option in some of the most severe cases. Dr. Desai has over 20 years of experience working with full-mouth reconstruction procedures. Book your appointment with her today.

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Full mouth reconstruction is the process of rebuilding or restoring all of the teeth in the upper and lower jaws. It’s typically a last-ditch effort following an injury or severe tooth decay or trauma. Our dentist has been creating beautiful smiles for over 20 years and is an expert in all of the equipment and techniques required for a procedure of this scale.

You may need a full-mouth reconstruction if:

  • Your teeth have been lost due to decay or trauma
  • Your teeth have been injured or fractured
  • Your teeth have become severely worn because of long-term acid erosion (from foods, beverages, or acid reflux)
  • You have ongoing jaw, muscle, or headache pain related to your bite

There are other options available depending on your specific situation. If you still have some strong, healthy teeth, you may not need a full reconstruction. Book your appointment with Dr. Desai to get her expert opinion on the best next steps for your oral health.

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Dr. Desai has been creating beautiful smiles in College Park for over 20 years with a friendly, knowledgable team by her side.

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