Meet Dr. Shilpa Desai

My profession is my life. Being a dentist is the fulfillment of a childhood dream: I was impressed by my childhood dentist and knew from an early age that this is what I needed to do.

My patients are part of my extended family. I care about each of them and want only the best for their lives. That’s why my team and I spend a lot of time working with each patient to identify the person’s oral health concerns and providing a range of patient education.

There’s a close connection between oral health and overall wellness: What happens in one affects the other, so it’s important to care for one’s teeth and gums and one’s body in order to keep both healthy!

Orlando is a diverse community, and my days are filled with conversations with people from different walks of life. I appreciate the stories they share and how each person broadens my world while exposing me to new experiences and thoughts.

The Desai Dental Team

My team is the heart of the practice and the reason why we’ve grown through patient referrals. Each team member brings her years of experience, as well as compassion, empathy, and warmth to the office. They care about our patients as people, first-and-foremost, and will do everything possible to keep every patient comfortable, relaxed, and engaged.

Though we are all serious about oral healthcare, we’re just as serious about building real connections. We greet all our patients with a smile and by name, and strive to make each feel at ease in our care. We’re more interested in the quality of dental care we provide, rather than the quantity. We spend as much time as needed to ensure our patient is pleased with his or her visit.


I graduated as a dentist in 1990, from Government Dental College in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. In 1996, I graduated from the University of Florida‘s Foreign Trained Dentist program.

I’m committed to lifelong learning. Throughout the year, I complete a range of continuing education courses, to learn about new techniques, materials, and technologies. I’m also currently enrolled in a two-year Comprehensive Dental Program at the University of Florida. Ongoing dental education ensures I’m providing every patient with the right care for their situation.

Professional Memberships

Beyond the Office

I grew up in Ahmedabad, in the Gujarat state of India. It’s often referred to as the City of Kites. I’ve lived in Apopka for almost 20 years now.

When I’m not working, I am often reading up on advances in oral healthcare, driving to Gainesville for the Comprehensive Dental Program courses, and occasionally going for bike rides and reading. I love to read. My favorite times, though, are spent with my husband and two sons.



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