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Root Canals

Root canals can save your teeth and oral health in dire situations of severely cracked teeth or heavy decay. Our experienced dental team knows how to make the process as quick, easy, and pain-free as possible.

2909 North Orange Avenue, Suite 202 Orlando, FL 32804

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Before root canals, deep cracks or infections caused people to lose their teeth. Now, root canal treatments allow us to treat and save these teeth and prevent further tooth decay and damage. Cracks or deep cavities call for immediate action or they will begin to swell and cause serious pain.

A root canal can be done in one to three visits depending on your specific situation. During your treatment, Dr. Desai will remove the affected tissue and clean and seal the interior of the tooth. Then, she will fill the tooth with a dental composite. Serious cases may require a crown to strengthen and protect the tooth from breaking. With a regular oral health regiment, this restored tooth can last a lifetime.


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Dr. Desai has been creating beautiful smiles in College Park for over 20 years with a friendly, knowledgable team by her side.

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